Auto Body Repair Fundamentals For Rust-Damaged Cars

While most car owners know that an auto body repair shop is the best resource after a car accident, they don't often think about some of the other situations where an auto body repair technician can be beneficial. In fact, auto body repair is a great solution for some common problems that car owners encounter, including rust development. Here's a look at what you need to know about rust issues and auto body repair. Read More 

Repairing Common Auto Body Damage Problems

There are few types of car problems that are more common that auto body damage. While this is a common issue that people will need to repair, the process of handling this type of damage is usually not as well understood by car owners.   Is Chipping The Only Damage That Can Occur To Auto Body Paint? Damage to the car's exterior paint can be one of the most common types of auto body repairs that will be needed. Read More