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How To Improve RV Fuel Mileage With Body Repairs And Upgrades

Whether you only take your motor home out on nice summer weekends or live full time in a Class A RV, you're still going to spend more than necessary when getting low fuel mileage. Before you invest in a brand new model to save a little more during each trip, see if you can bump your miles per gallon up with a few improvements instead. Learn more information on how a team of RV body work and collision technicians could transform your current RV into a more fuel friendly vehicle no matter what type of fuel it uses. Read More 

2 Less Common Reasons For Condensation Inside RVs

Ah… spending time in an RV can be so relaxing and enjoyable… until you realize you have a condensation problem. It can be a bit annoying to not be able to see out of your windows and to watch water droplets drip down your walls. It's a problem that is common in RVs, but one that should be investigated and fixed. Common causes of condensation include showering, cooking, breathing and sweating, but there are other issues that could cause condensation. Read More