Tips for Vinyl Car Wrap Care

When it comes to passive marketing methods, few things are as cost-effective as vinyl car wraps. When you have your car wrapped in your company's branding, you'll be advertising your business every time you drive anywhere. This can even extend your marketing reach if you regularly travel outside of your standard marketing area. If you've decided to have a vinyl wrap put on your car, here's a look at what you need to know to ensure that the wrap is taken care of.

Clean It Regularly

One of the most important parts of preserving the lifespan of your car's wrap is to ensure that you keep it clean. However, cleaning a vinyl car wrap isn't as simple as regularly taking your car through the car wash. Instead, you'll want to wash it by hand. Car washes have high-pressure nozzles and sometimes use harsher chemicals to clean the car, which can damage your vinyl wrap.

Use soft sponges or fabrics and a gentle detergent to wash your car. Opt for a hose or bucket for rinsing so that you don't inadvertently lift the wrap with a high-pressure spray. Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe the car dry afterward to avoid water spots and such on the wrap. Finally, skip the wax application when you wash the car because wax can shorten your vinyl wrap's lifespan.

Avoid Direct Sunlight When Possible

Another important consideration when you want to preserve a vinyl vehicle wrap is to avoid parking your car in direct sunlight when it can be avoided. Opt for parking spaces that are shaded, under trees, or in garages to protect the vinyl from ultraviolet ray exposure and deterioration. 

Excessive heat and sun exposure can actually cause vinyl wraps to blister, and direct sunlight can bake contaminants onto the surface of the wrap, which can make it difficult to get them off without damaging the wrap itself.

Cover Your Car When You Can

If you live in an area where there are a lot of sap-producing trees, a large bird population, or you don't have a covered area to park your car, invest in a car cover. Cover the car any time it's going to be parked in direct sunlight or in an area where you need to be concerned about tree sap, bird waste, or other hazards. This will help to ensure that your wrap stays in good condition and free of stains or damage.

For more help, talk with a custom car wrap installer about how to care for your wrap.