Breaking Down 3 Myths About Collision Repair

If you are involved in an accident, you will want your vehicle to look right and run correctly afterward. this means you will want to work with an auto body shop to fix up your vehicle. If you are worried about this service, the following clarifies three myths related to auto body collision repair.

1. You Have to Go to a Dealership 

First, many people wrongly believe that they can only go to a dealership to get their vehicle fixed up after an accident. That is not true. You can take your vehicle to a regular auto body shop. A regular auto body shop will have access to the same repair guides from the automotive manufacturers that a dealership has. Additionally, many dealerships focus more on everyday repairs and not on auto body repairs.

You can get work done that is just as good, and in some cases better, at independent auto body shops. You are working with trained mechanics who have access to the right information and tools to fix your vehicle. An independent auto body shop is doing to be dedicated to fixing your vehicle up properly and making sure you are satisfied with the results.

2. You Must Take Your Insurance Company's Recommendation

Second, when involved in an accident where your insurance company is paying for the repairs, many wrongly believe they have to take their vehicle to an auto body shop that their insurance company approves or recommends. This is not true. It is illegal for your insurance company to refer you to a specific shop. However, they can recommend shops, as they work with auto body repair shops regularly and have some good insight to offer you. Though that is the case, where you ultimately get your vehicle repaired is up to you.

3. You Have to Get Multiple Estimates

When your car is damaged, how many estimates you get is all up to you. You can get one estimate and go with that shop, or you can get estimates from multiple different shops. It is up to you how many quotes you get before choosing who you want to work with. Your insurance company doesn't have to require you to get a certain number of estimates; that is up to you.

When your car is damaged in an accident, you don't have to just get your vehicle repaired at a dealership; you can work with an independent auto body shop. Your insurance company can recommend an auto repair shop but can't require you to use a particular shop. You can get one estimate, or three, or however many you want until you find a shop you want to work on your vehicle. Contact an auto body shop for more information.