3 Things You Need To Know About Adding A Remote Started To Your Vehicle

A remote car starter kit can make your life easier in a lot of ways. A remote car starter kit can allow you to turn on your vehicle from inside the comfort of your home in order to allow it to warm up in the winter time, or allow your vehicle time to cool off in the summer time. Many luxury newer vehicles come equipped with remote starter kits; however, remote start is still not a standard features in newer vehicles and is not found at all in many older vehicles.

#1 Upgrading to a Remote Start

If your vehicle does not have a remote start on it already, you can purchase and upgrade to a remote starter kit. You can purchase a remote starter kit and have a professional install the kit for you. Although you can try to install a remote starter kit on your own, it is a complicated process that requires working with the engine start-up system on your vehicle as well the computer systems on your vehicle.

#2 Warranty is Fine

Many people worry that installing a remote starter will void the warranty on their vehicle. This is an unfounded worry. Putting an aftermarket electronic part on your vehicle will not void the warranty. In fact, there is a specific act that protects consumers and prohibits manufacturers from voiding a warranty because aftermarket parts of any type are used on your vehicle. Your car warranty will be fine if you install a remote start device on your vehicle.

#3 Works On All Types of Vehicles

Remote starts can be installed to work on all kinds of vehicles. Don't just assume that your vehicle is not compatible with a remote start.

If you have a manual transmission, a remote start can be installed. Installing a remote start on a manual transmission is a process that requires precision and a highly trained professional, but it can be done.

If you have a transponder key, a remote start can be added to your vehicle. The technicians installing the remote start just have to make sure that they duplicate all the functions of the transponder key, including the signal that it gives out. With a transponder key, a transponder bypass is installed on your vehicle to achieve this goal.

If you have a push to start vehicle, a remote start can also be added to your vehicle. The process is a little more labor intensive, and requires the use of additional parts, but it can be done.

If you want to be able to start up your vehicle and warm it up in the winter or allow it to cool down in the summer before you get into your vehicle, you can achieve this goal by having a remote starter kit installed on your vehicle. A remote starter kit will not void your warranty and can be installed on all vehicle types.