Four Things To Do Before Turning In Your Leased Car

Turning in a car at the end of a lease can be an easy experience if you properly prepare the vehicle first. Use the following guide to get your lease ready for turn-in and help avoid paying any extra fees.

Repair Dings And Chips

If the paint on your leased vehicle is less than perfect due to dings and chips, consider taking it in to an auto painting service, like Dependable Auto Body. The service should be able to match the color of your vehicle, provided it is still a factory-issued hue. Inspect the entire vehicle and make a note of any areas that need to be touched up. You can then go over your list with the painting service to ensure all areas are brought back to their original look.

Have The Vehicle Detailed

An experienced car detailing company can bring the interior of your leased vehicle back to like-new quality. This service typically includes cleaning the upholstery and floor carpeting, vacuuming out the trunk, and cleaning the glass of the vehicle. If your car has an unpleasant odor, the detailing service can also help contend with this issue. On the exterior of the vehicle, your detailer can do a thorough washing and waxing for a gleaming finishing touch. Detailing should be performed after any paint touch-ups and just before bringing your vehicle back to the dealership.

Check The Tires

Damaged tires can sometimes result in additional charges when bringing a leased vehicle back. Check the terms of your lease to see if you can return the car or truck with new tires, and weigh the cost of replacing the tires with the fees you might have to pay for turning in your vehicle with a damaged set. In some cases, you may need to replace a spare tire if you used it during a roadside emergency.

Use Your Gas

Unlike renting a car for a vacation, renting a long-term lease doesn't always come with the requirement of filling the tank before you turn the vehicle in. Check the terms of your lease first, and then make sure you time your last gas fill-up so you won't be giving away free gas when you turn the vehicle in. You will, however, want to make sure there is enough gas left in the tank for the dealership to move the vehicle to its garage or lot.

Remember to gather all of the accessories that came with the car at the time you turn it in. This includes any spare tires, tire repair kits, cargo nets, and extra rows of seating for SUVs. If you forget any of these items, there is a chance you might be charged for them.